Mobile Factory turns debris into building blocks for a new life

The Mobile Factory from the Netherlands transforms debris from disaster stricken sites into lego-like building blocks that are rebuilding communities around the world.

Rubble – be it from war, natural disaster or demolition – is the world’s largest polluter by volume. It is not only bad for the environment, but a health hazard for those who are subjected to it. Mobile Factory not only cleans up this rubble, but also gives it a meaningful purpose.

The Mobile Factory travels to disaster stricken places such as Haiti – or most recently Nepal -where there is a lot of debris. The debris is then put into machines that transform it into a liquid concrete that is then formed into lego-like bricks called Q-Brixx. These bricks can then be used to build new housing.

The lego-like shape of Q–Brixx means that the building blocks can be simply stacked, held in place by gravity and with no need for mortar. The system is incredibly efficient as it is inexpensive and allows for quick and easy assembly.

One Mobile Factory alone can produce enough bricks to construct between 10 and 20 new houses for those who have lost their homes to a disaster.

You can find out more about Mobile Factory and get involved in this inspiring initiative here.