Modern Stained Glass Generates Solar Electricity While Charging Your Phone

Powered by the sun, Current Window is a modern version of stained glass that can charge your phone and electronic devices. Beauty meets clean energy with this multi-functional innovation.

Created by Dutch innovator Marjan van Aubel, Current Window makes use of already existing solar technology. Sunlight is collected by orange, blue and pink-dyed pieces of glass containing ‘Dye Sensitised Solar Cells.’ These light-absorbing dyes cover tiny particles of titanium dioxide that convert the energy into electrical current. The frame of the window includes a USB output and according to van Aubel, you can charge several devices simultaneously.

Designed in collaboration with London-based graphic designer Marine Duroselle, the window’s zigzag pattern references the veins of a plant and the process of generating energy via photosynthetis. The pattern also makes reference to the electrical current running through the stained glass.

Current Window will see its first building application this autumn when it is installed in a London residence. Its debut in grey, rainy London is important as van Aubel aims to show that solar stained glass “need not have a sunny location to work. Daylight or diffused sunlight is sufficient.”

Van Aubel is thinking big when it comes to this technology. Thanks to their large surface areas, buildings are ideal hosts for solar generating technology. There is therefore unlimited potential for the application of Current Window to schools, offices, churches and other building types that use large amounts of glass!