The world’s first modular bicycle tire system

Norwegian brand reTyre offers a modular bicycle tire system with integrated zip-on technology that allows you to adapt your tire thread.

The system consists of a base tire, and several types of skins, each with a different tread. The base tire, the reTyre one, is a slick road tire, which offers good grip, low rolling resistance and high puncture protection. The zippers are integrated in the tire using adhesive infused thread, creating a long-lasting and flexible bond. The system allows you to switch tire depending on the road or weather conditions “in less than 60 seconds”, by simply zipping the skins on.

The zippers are especially developed to handle extreme environments and have the same life expectancy as the tire. The tires are made of 90 per cent natural rubber, and the zipper is made of “high performance materials”, designed to handle extreme environments. When the skin is fastened, the zipper puller is locked in place.

The skins fit on the base tire like a glove, and the rubber-on-rubber friction ensures that the experience is no different than an ordinary tire.

The system currently offers 4 skins, for both commuter and hobby cyclists. The Gravel Chaser is an all-round skin for medium rough terrain, like gravel or dirt roads. The Winter Traveller is designed for the urban winter cyclist, engineered to provide optimal traction on ice and snow. For trail and mountain bike riders, there is the skin Trail Rider, with large knobs, designed for grip in wet terrains. Finally, for the die-hard winter cycler, the Ice Racer provides traction in extreme winter conditions, thanks to 300 carefully placed studs to ensure safe grip on ice.

In the future, reTyre aims to launch more skins, like ones with embedded electronics and LEDs, colour and graphic options, and recyclable skins. They will also use new materials such as recycled coconut fibres.

Photos: reTyre