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Modular houses made of waste plastic

Dutch housing association Parteon, foundation Clean2Anywhere and the municipality of Zaanstad will jointly produce twenty homes made from recycled plastic.

The foundation Clean2Anywhere builds ships and houses from waste plastic. They built a 17th century fluyt in a historic way, but completely from recycled plastic. In Hoorn, the Netherlands, they built 21 houses from waste plastic, but due to European rules, these cannot be used yet. Now, they are going to try again in Zaanstad, where they will build twenty modular houses, with help of people at a distance from the labour market. Each house contains 4.5 tons of waste plastic.

The houses will be built in a warehouse and can be moved. The materials are chosen and used in such a way that the homes contribute net to the storage of CO2 emissions, resulting in negative CO2 emissions. The homes will also have solar panels on the roof after installation. The construction will start on 1 June 2024.

Photo: Clean2Anywhere