Mokumono Delta bicycles are made locally from aluminium sheets

97 per cent of bicycles assembled in Europe use frames imported from Southeast Asia, where the wages are much lower. For a country that loves bicycles as much as the Netherlands, that almost sounds like blasphemy. Dutch start-up Mokumono wants to bring the production process of bikes back to the Netherlands. To do so, they created a fully automated production process that makes strong and lightweight aluminium frames from sheet metal.

Mokumono, located in Amsterdam, took their inspiration for the automated production process from the car industry, as cars are still produced in Europe because of constant innovating and automation of the production processes. The company created a fully automated production process, using sheet metal production techniques, rather than using metal tubes.

The frame of the Delta bike is “stiff in the areas where it matters,” according to Mokumono. The frame has a floating rear wheel stay, with an added carbon fibre front fork, ensuring the frame remains lightweight and offers a comfortable ride.

The bike is actuated by a carbon belt drive system, which is stronger and quieter than a traditional bike chain. It is grease-free and requires little to no maintenance. The saddle is made from vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton, with a die-cast aluminium structure.

The production started in late 2017 and the first bikes are expected to be delivered in February this year. The Mokumono Delta won the Gold Award at the Eurobike trade fair 2017.

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Photos: Mokumono