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Naked & Famous Reflective Denim

Brandon Svarc and Montreal-based brand Naked & Famous have developed a reflective denim fabric that lights up darkly lit city streets. To make this material, millions of microscopic glass beads that reflect light were infused into the top layer of Japanese-sourced denim. In order to make the fabric more wearable, 2% elastine was added so that maximum flexibility is guaranteed while you shine at night.

Naked & Famous are highly inventive with materials and have developed over recent years a number of innovative denims including: glow-in-the-dark denim, scratch n’ sniff denim, Kevlar bullet-proof denim, thermochromic (i.e. colour changing) denim, as well as the heaviest denim material in the world.

To see Naked & Famous in action, take a look at this video by Neon films that shows their material from dusk ‘til dawn against the Toronto skyline.