Nimuno Loops: tape that makes anything Lego compatible

Everyone loves LEGO. No matter how often you have stepped on one with your bare feet, there is something irresistible about stacking tiny bricks. So what if you could make anything LEGO compatible? The start-up Nimuno Loops developed a tape that makes this possible.

The flexible tape is cuttable at any desirable length and in any shape. The adhesive backing creates the possibility to make anything a surface for LEGO objects. The backing is re-usable, and can be stuck against any smooth surface, even walls.

The company offers three variations of the tape: original (of two ‘knobs’ wide), wide (four knobs), and ‘receiver’ tape, which works like the bottom of the block.

Like LEGO blocks, the tape comes in several colours, such as blue, green, orange, black, and white. Each roll contains 1 metre (3.2 feet) of tape.

With several days left, the company has made almost 20,000 per cent of its original goal of 8,000 USD. While the tape is compatible with LEGO, however, the disclaimer on the Indiegogo page states that LEGO does not sponsor, authorise or endorse Nimuno Loops.

Photos: Nimuno Loops (in part via designboom)