Ocean dildos made from recycled ocean plastic

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, but every year, 8 million tones of plastic ends up in the ocean, harming marine life. Several projects and companies have taken initiatives to combat this problem. The Ocean Cleanup, for example, has taken to cleaning up the larges garbage patch in the ocean, while companies like Adidas make shoes out of ocean plastic. Others reuse nylon fishing nets to make carpets and other products. Now, MTV Brazil has taken initiative to make their young target group conscious about the horrendous consequences of ocean plastic by creating a new product: ocean dildos.

Under the motto “Don’t f*ck the ocean, do it with yourself”, MTV Brazil launched a limited edition series of dildos, made from plastic from the ocean, giving the problem a sexy twist.

They collected plastic from the ocean, creating the colourful plastic ocean dildos, which they sent to Brazilian influencers, while calling for people to recycle. They even made a catchy song for their product, which you can listen to here.

MTV also gives you tips how you can stop “f*cking the ocean”, like reducing plastic in your life by choosing products that use other materials in their packaging, not using plastic bags, avoid cosmetic containing exfoliation bubbles made of plastic and pick up your (and others’) trash.

While perhaps an unconventional method, MTV certainly has found a way to call plastic pollution to the attention.

Photos: MTV Brazil