Old City Trees Find An Inspiring Second Life…..

The Stadsplank (‘City Plank’) is a cutting board made from a felled city tree. The tree used to create the board grew at one time along a street, in a park or in a plaza in your city, providing people with years of shade and clean air.

When felled, a city tree such as this is normally turned into wood chips for a garden path or simply used as firewood. But now, old city trees are finding a new, useful life in the form of a cutting board! Each cutting board is engraved with the tree’s exact location and species name of the tree in memory. Via a QR code on the cutting board, you can find more information and the exact location where the tree once stood.

The Makers:

Stadsplank is the idea of designers and furniture makers Harm Spoelstra and Tom Marcelis. Since 2009, they have run their company Gewoonhout (‘Simply Wood’) in Amsterdam. Their core business is the design and production of wood cabinets and furniture. Their latest design offers a new angle on how trees and wood contribute to city living and hold much meaning.

“Every city resident can have a keepsake made out of wood from his or her own neighbourhood, which is given a second life in the kitchen. Isn’t that beautiful? It is a sustainable reuse of material that is already available in the city. It is amazing to be able to work with wood that holds meaning for so many people. Since we began making these cutting boards, we have realized how important the city’s trees are to the residents of the city. It makes us feel connected to the city and its residents.” explain Harm and Tom.