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One Nights Stand Tent

Music festivals are known for creating a lot of garbage – with cheap tents that get trashed and left behind being a large part of the problem.

Due to the nature of many festivals (i.e. bad weather, mud, drinking, smoking etc.), numerous popular retailers market cheap and poor-quality tents as ‘festival’ tents that can be used once and then thrown away. Organizers at Glastonbury estimate that last year alone, more than 20,000 tents were discarded during the five-day festival. A huge waste indeed.

One Nights Tent is a concept still in development that presents an alternative: a one-time use tent that can be returned, and ideally recycled. It was launched as a pilot project last month at the Lowlands festival near Amsterdam. 50 tents were sold and at the end of the festival, owners had the option of taking their tent home as a souvenir, or returning it for a deposit. It is reported that approximately 60% of the tents were returned for a deposit.