Oxidation Aftermath

Oxidation Aftermath is based on the graduation project of Marlies van Putten, for which she won the KAKB award from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Together with designer Rutger de Regt, van Putten formed the joint studio HandMade Industrials, a studio focused on making projects that move towards reducing the gap between handcrafted and industrial processes. This beautiful is currently on display at Dutch Design Week 2015, along with several other inspiring works by Handmade Industrials.

Oxidation Aftermath is about a dialogue between two very different materials, one acting as a canvas and the other enabling the colours to emerge. Within these set boundaries, a mutation is facilitated to enable the unexpected to take place. Neutral materials, which at first seem to be unchangeable are transformed in this series via the process of oxidation.

Marble, wool and ceramic with oxidized copper:

To facilitate the process of oxidation and transformation, marble, wool and ceramic materials are combined with copper. A liquid accelerator is used to initiate the oxidation process. The neutral materials then transform with colour. The series includes three sub-projects.

Ceramic vessels:

To investigate the effect of copper oxidation on ceramics Marlies van Putten has used special paper clay. During heating, the paper element burns, helping the process of oxidation. The glaze colour that results features an extremely unique colour palette.

Marble bench:

Der Carrara marble tiles are connected with a copper pipe, through which the accelerator is poured. The copper begins to be oxidized and flows through the holes in the copper tube to the marble. The flow of liquid leaves behind intriguing blue-ish

Rug (Icelandic wool):

Copper wires were also rolled into a tufted carpet. Here, too, the oxidation results in a unique colour pattern.

Beautiful! This series is extremely impressive to see in person, so we highly recommend you check it out if you are in Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week in the coming days!