A packable EPS free bicycle helmet made of recycled plastic

UK start-up Cyclo Technology developed a packable foamless bicycle helmet made of recycled ocean and landfill plastic that keeps you safe thanks to its honeycomb structure.

Traditional bike helmets are typically made from EPS foam, which releases the energy back to the user’s head during impact. This means a greater likelihood of a head injury, the thing one is trying to prevent by wearing a helmet.

The new helmet, developed by ex-Aston Martin and Boeing engineers, does not contain EPS foam. However, thanks to its honeycomb structure, the force of the impact is dissipated, which means that significantly less energy is transferred to the head. According to the company, the honeycomb structure makes the helmet 68 per cent more effective at impact control.

Cyclo Technology partnered with Plastic Ocean UK to fight ocean plastic. The helmet is made from post-consumer HDPE plastic, partly consisting of plastic fished from the ocean and beaches. Each helmet contains about 20 plastic bottles. To make the helmet more comfortable, the inside contains a limited amount of memory foam, keeping the majority of the helmet open for cooling.

While there are more foldable helmets on the market nowadays, Cyclo Technologies claims their helmet is ‘packable’, meaning it “’packs’ down to a really ‘convenient shape’ for you to use everyday.” The top part of the helmet can be flipped over so that the rounded side falls into the helmet, saving space.

The helmet complies with European, US and Canadian safety standards and includes a rechargeable LED light. You can still get it on Indiegogo for a couple more hours with a discount.

Photos: Cyclo Technology