Never again a bad photo with glass sphere technology

For everyone who doesn’t want their picture taken, the company Ishu developed an anti-flash scarf using special glass sphere technology.

The idea for the scarf came when entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui was photographed by some friends in front of a bicycle using a mobile phone. In the photo, the bike’s reflector manipulated the flash of the camera, obscuring the faces in the photo. This gave him the idea to create wearables that would distort photos when you’re not in the mood to be photographed.

The Ishu technology consists of highly reflective material with “nano-spherical crystals coated with various alloys to produce a significant inverse retro reflective coefficient.” The glass sphere technology dramatically increases refractive surfaces through optical pattern engineering. When using flash photography or video, the cube motif lights up, obscuring everything around it. The result is a photo with the lit up scarf, while everything around it is turned into a black silhouette.

The website explains that the technology works best with mobile flash, as the effect is diminished with other forms of flash photography. The best results are achieved under low light conditions and at night. The technology does not work in daylight.

The Ishu unisex anti-paparazzi scarf, dubbed ‘the Invisibility Cloak’, was launched in 2016, and has been used by various celebrities. Since then, the company has introduced other products using the same technology, including a phone case and a leather backpack. In the autumn of 2018, the brand will launch a new leather jacket with the anti-flash technology, amongst other things.

Photos: Ishu