Pipe Dream

This boutique garden called ‘Pipe Dream’ makes use of a rather surprising item – the concrete pipe – in a very inspiring, dreamy way. The result is a tranquil oasis that feels far away from the busy urban world concrete pipes and culverts are associated with. This garden concept by Alison Douglas Design recently won first place at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

The meditation day bed, reflective water feature and fire pit are all made from concrete culvert pipes. According to its creator Alison Douglas, concrete in the form of a culvert was chosen as a feature material to reference the ‘concrete jungle’ we inhabit.

Reinforcing the tranquility of the concept is a blue-green colour palette with lime green highlights. The plants have been chosen to create an All-Season Garden, which holds its colour, shape and texture all year round.

Pipe Dream is a place to stop, meditate, reflect and breathe.  As as its creators explain, as this is easier said than done, one might call it in face a ‘Pipe Dream’

You can experience this garden dream in video here.