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Plastic-free bandages made of merino wool

Called Wool+Aid, these adhesive bandages plastic- and latex-free. Instead, they are made of merino wool and fully biodegradable.

Many types of adhesive bandages are made of plastic or at least contain some plastic. Invented in the land with famously more sheep than people, the Wool+Aid bandages aims to supply a bandage that is better for healing and better for the planet.

Looking at sheep for healing wounds is not that surprising if you consider that lanolin, a type of wax sheep produce to make their wool waterproof, has been used in home remedies for ages.

As opposed to plastic bandages, the merino ones have several advantages. First of all, merino wool is breathable and able to absorb moisture from the wound and moving it away to evaporate in the air. Secondly, merino wool cools when it’s hot and warms when it is cold, thanks to its thermobalance. And of course, merino wool, as a biobased product, is biodegradable.

The bandages are made from “hyperfine” merino that is soft and flexible, and are both plastic- and latex-free. They are provided with medical grade adhesive and sterile. The wool is also tracible.

According to the company, the bandages have been tested “from Alaska to New Zealand, on athletes and kids”. The bandages are available from July 2022 online and in stores in New Zealand.

Photos: Woolaid