A play of light

We wrote previously on various designs that combine light with material, such as the Vancouver installation, and this plastic design.

The combination continues to fascinate, with a host of designs that combine polymer materials with light, or in this case, with lighting.

The Radiance Dome, by Light at Play, is a moveable feast. This Buckyball-like construction features geometric tiling of acrylic Luxlite panels. Shaped into triangles, the individual panels, measuring over 50 cm across, are connected in a polymer dome.

Each of the 200 panels is kitted out with a set of LED lights that add a spacey, geometric shifting glow to the dome. The construction is built upon a skeleton of metal rods. The whole structure is dismountable, so that it can be picked up and shipped off to another location to act as a tent, party dome, observatory, sculpture or whatever else you can think of.

The visuals add another dimension to the polymer pavilion. As has become more commonplace with LEDs, these lights are computer controlled and change hue and brightness according to the music that is playing.

As you can imagine, its premiere at the latest Burning Man festival went down a treat, where it was used as a 100m2 dancing studio. According to the designers, the combination of the open, airy space with the responsive lighting brings people closer together in a shared experience.

The Radiance Dome won the 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards, and we can see why. It also serves as a symbol of what the quickly advancing field of responsive lighting design can do. We can’t wait to see more from these designers.

Here’s a super video of the dome that won the Just Imagine Award this year.

Images of the pavilion by the designers.