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First large scale project using design solar panels

Studio Solarix’s design solar panels have for the first time been used in a large scale project. The solar panels have been integrated in the façade of the Kuijers building near Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The most heard objection to solar panels is that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Some companies have tried to counter this by hiding the panels, for instance by integrating them into roof tiles. Studio Solarix’ approach is slightly different. Rather than obscuring solar panels, they use innovative design to make aesthetic solar panels to create design façade.

The Solarix concept, a high-design solar tile, enables energy production on the façade whilst also enhancing the identity and appearance of the building as a whole. Not only are the colours customisable, the solar panels can have integrated LED strips that light up at night using their own generated energy. Read more about the solar panels here.

On the Kuijpers building, the design solar panels blend sustainable energy, interactivity and design. It marks the first application of Studio Solarix’s integrated concept on this scale. The second project is also planned: the façade of the company Pharos in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, will follow next year.

Studio Solarix is a collaboration between artist and designer Reinier Bosch and architect Marloes van Heteren. Their aim is to upscale their solar design worldwide. The project is the result of a collaboration between Studio Solarix, Kuijpers, Kameleon Solar and Sorba, with the support of SPARK Campus and the city of Helmond.

Photos: Studio Solarix