Rain change concrete

Here are two examples of a concrete material that is altered when it comes into contact with any water.

In eastern France, designer Mathilde Gullaud has covered a town square with her concrete creation, called Louis. The invention is a type of concrete that changes colour when it becomes moist due to a special coating on the material’s surface.

When mixed with another concrete that lacks the coating, the difference becomes visible. As water is poured over the tiles, or when the weather turns wet, the coated concrete darkens.

The designer added a geometric, tessellation which transforms the public space completely.

The exact composition of the material is being kept under wraps, for obvious reasons. However, this idea is similar to the ‘Solid Poetry’ concept, at least in execution. The method used by these designers is also proprietary.

Judging by the result, in which the concrete darkens to a similar hue when it becomes wet, the method used to produce the concrete must be similar.

Now we’re really getting curious as to what else is possible in concrete. Colour-changing cement, anyone?


Read more about Solid Poetry here.

‘Louis’ info and images via the designer, Mathilde Gullaud.