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New record for longest 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge in the world

The city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands will get what is currently the longest 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge of 29 metres (95 ft) long.

The possibilities of 3D printing are continued to be stretched further and further. Only last month, we reported on what was then the longest 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge in Shanghai, China. This bridge was 26.3 metres (86 ft) long. Nijmegen’s bridge is almost 3 metres longer.

The bridge, initiated by Rijkswaterstaat, is designed by Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley, and will replace an old wooden bridge in the park Geologenstrook. The bridge has an organic shape to fit in the natural environment, inspired by a shell. The pillars merge seamlessly with the bridge deck.

The bridge is printed in 46 separate parts by a 3D printer in Eindhoven. In total is costs 140 hours to print all segments To test the bridge, six segments were already connected. They were strong enough to hold a small truck, let alone pedestrians.

The parts will be assembled in Nijmegen this summer and it will be opened to the public on 1 October. Whether it will still be the world’s longest pedestrian bridge by then remains to be seen.

Images: Pim Feijen / Michiel van der Kley