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ReFil: The Sustainable 3D Printing Material from Better Future Factory

A large number of currently available 3D printers make use of a plastic-based ink called ‘filament’. Makers use these filaments to 3D print products ranging from ‘nice-to-haves’ to prosthetics. As the current demand for 3D printers is growing rapidly, so too is the demand for filament materials. Currently, there is a broad range of filaments available, varying in terms of plastic type, properties, price and composition as many are mixed with wood or stone.

All of today’s filaments however are produced using virgin plastic, and therefore make use of virgin crude oil. But ReFil offers a more sustainable alternative; recycled filaments.

ReFil is produced by the Better Future Factory (BFF), which is a multi-disciplinary design and engineering company. BFF finds and develops creative yet realistic and sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues. 3D printers are used for a large spectrum of applications serving the professional market (i.e. prototyping for automotive & engineering, maquettes for architecture), as well as home or semi-professional users (i.e. gadgets, jewelry, fashion). With the development of Refil, BFF incorporate the underlying principles of the circular economy to close loops, cycle materials, increase value and develop businesses that contribute to a better future in this growing sector.