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Regina Heinz: ceramic arts and crafts

The Austrian born ceramic artist Regina Heinz launches a new collection of curved tiles and wall pieces. The 3-dimensional ceramic tiles are crafted and painted by hand. They can be combined and repeated in different ways to create fascinating wall pieces.

The collection comprises two ranges, Flow andCityscape. The first range alludes to the seductive appeal of water, with its “dancing surface, rippling patterns, reflected sunlight and cool depths”, Heinz explains. Flow is inspired by the lakes of her home country Austria, especially. The Cityscape range, with its more graphic elements, refers to modern architecture, space and perspective.

The surface decoration of the individual tiles – loosely based on geometric patterns softened by sweeping curves – accentuates the rise and fall of their form. Each tile is hand-painted by Heinz in her South London studio, then high fired using a matt glaze to produce a fresco-like surface quality. Both ranges are available in a vibrant palette of transparent blues, soft greys and whites, or an earthier range of terracotta, rich brown and yellow ochre – tranquil, elemental colours. Flat tiles that can be used alone or with their 3-d counterparts.

Traditional and contemporary
Heinz sees the wall pieces as a continuation of the age-old tradition of tiles and friezes used to adorn architecture. She conceives them in a new, contemporary idiom, though. The artist succeeds in fusing traditional and contemporary aesthetics and making processes.
The tiles are high fired, hard wearing, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The individual 3-d tiles measure 20 x 20 x 5cm, the flat tiles 20 x 20 x 1cm.