Resin Meets Travertine with ‘Lagoon’

Beautiful ‘Lagoon’ is a coffee table designed and created by Alexandre Chapelin from LA TABLE. It is made with a traverine piece of marble which has been sculpted to evoke the fluid forms and slopes of the ocean or of a lagoon. Resin is then added in a step by step process in order to create the volume of the ocean within the table.

As makers, LA TABLE’s philosophy is to take simple pieces of furniture and creatively transform them into unique artistic statements with soul that tell a story. To infuse soul and story, they work by collecting pieces of wood, old engines, alloys and recycled materials – really anything they discover that is pleasing to the eye and speaks to them. The items are then embedded into resin – which can be tinted, transparent or opaque – thus transforming the found items into table tops.Each and every table they created is one of a kind. 

As LA TABLE explains, what is interesting about this concept tis that can include anything or any material that comes into their mind. More examples of their interesting works can be found here