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Revolve Wheel: Foldable and airless bicycle wheel saves space

Foldable bicycles save a lot of space, but one disadvantage is that the wheels have to be small to make them portable. The Revolve Wheel by German designer Andrea Mocellin is a normal sized airless bicycle wheel that can be folded, occupying 60 per cent less space!

Foldable bicycles are often more a necessity during travel than a replacement for an every day bike, which is in part to blame on its usually smaller wheels. Smaller wheels mean that you have to paddle harder to cover the distance in comparison to a ‘normal’ bicycle.

The Revolve Wheel is the first modular wheel. The airless design of the wheel has two advantages. First of all, an inflatable tire can of course not be folded, so the design of the foldable wheel had to be airless. Secondly, no one likes to repair a punctured tire, which almost exclusively happen when you’re in a hurry.

The foldable wheel has a universal size of 66 cm (26 inch). The hexagonal structure folds down to a sculptural pod, which is 60 per cent smaller than when folded out. The folding mechanism can be locked and unlocked, to prevent sudden surprises, and has a handle for portability.

The wheel is made from strong and lightweight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre. It can not only be used for bicycles, but also wheelchairs, land drones, and more.

Photos: Revolve Wheel (via Designboom)