Ripening Rugs reveal their true colours over time

Dutch designer Adrianus Kundert developed Ripening Rugs, rugs that slowly change colour the more they are used.

In our throwaway society, we are used to throwing out anything that is broken or worn, only to immediately replace it with something new. Kundert, however, takes a page from the book of jeans: the more worn, the better.

The Ripening Rugs take a positive take on the process of wear. They are designed to change colour and design the more they are used, so they slowly change over time. Working closely with various companies and professionals, like Textiellab and Carpetsign, Kundert developed his own technique and yarns with special characteristics.

Through intensive use, the rugs slowly come to life as the top layer wears. New colours, textures and patterns appear in places where the rug has been used the most. The use will be different for everybody, meaning that each rug will be a unique graphic representation of its owner.

The Ripening Rugs are available in three different models, in various sizes.

Photos: Adrianus Kundert