RoboFold Super Origami

RoboFold‘s super origami illustrates the beauty that can be found through a combination of design and industrial processing.

The patented RoboFold process brings together the power of industrial robots with control from a suite of custom software. The technology allows designers to form metal without investing in mould tools. The process also allows variation in design parameters as a standard feature, letting you explore a brand new aesthetic.

RoboFold’s team consists of architects, designers, artists, engineers and computer scientists. Understanding software and CNC machinery allows the impeccable transition of hand-folded paper to robotic metal origami, as well as custom build robot installations for other use.

RoboFold founder Gregory Epps has been folding metal since he was a teenager. “The idea of industrialising folding metal started about 18 years ago,” he says, “but it wasn’t until 2008 that I turned it into a business.”

His patented process uses six machines normally found in car manufacturing plants. They gently bend sheets of aluminium into shapes hard to achieve through conventional methods, to create decorative facades. The south London-based company uses computer-aided design to develop a 3D model. The robots look after the rest…