Rubdish: from rubbish to photo art

We are constantly confronted with pollution in our environment and its negative consequence. Tired of this negative press, designer Diederik Schneemann and photographer Aldwin van Krimpen collaborated in the project Rubdish, which transforms waste found in different locations in Rotterdam (NL) into appetizing looking ‘dishes’ in a series of photos.

Schneemann and Van Krimpen roam the city of Rotterdam in search of locations here waste accumulates, from rubbish found wasted up in the ports to the content of a garbage bin at the metro station.

The process knows three stages. First, there is a photographic representation of the rubbish as it is found. Secondly, a documentation of the palette of ‘ingredients’ and lastly, the actual transformation into a ‘dish’, culminating the alienating photographic visualisation thereof.

A special edition of Rubdish was featured at Salone del Mobile, in collaboration with M4four flooring.

Photos: Aldwin van Krimpen