A scarf with built-in air filter to protect against pollution and flu

The Bioscarf is a new scarf made out of post-consumer recycled PET bottles and a built-in air filter.

The consequences of air pollution are becoming increasingly clear, and increasingly concerning. Vehicle emissions, fossil fuel use, trash burning, and dust all add up to an unhealthy cocktail that can lead to disease and even death.

The Bioscarf aims to protect individuals from many of the common airborne contaminants associated with air pollution, and offers a fashionable alternative to pollution masks. Co-founder Hazel Solle came up with the idea when her husband and co-founder Carlton Solle became ill from air pollution and she remembered the scarfs she used to make for her dolls when she was a child.

The scarf’s lining is made from 100 per cent post consumer recycled water bottles and the labels from recycled PVC. In the design, a particulate filter is incorporated with a N95 rating. This means that when fitted correctly, the scarf is capable of blocking 99.75 per cent of all airborne particulates of 0.1 microns and larger.

In addition to air pollution, the Bioscarf protects people with allergies, by filtering out pollen, animal dander, dust and other airborne particulates that can cause allergies. The scarfs also protect the user from germs and bacteria that cause colds and the flu.

The scarves are available as normal scarf and gaiter in various colours.

Under the PlusOne programme, the company donates scarfs to people in need for every scarf sold.

Photos: Savannah Claudepierre / Bioscarf