Self-sustaining wooden eco lodges

Italy-based design firm MASK Architects created a self-sufficient eco-resort with wooden modular lodges in Africa that produce water from the air.

The aim of the project is to create a unique luxury residence. In addition, it also seeks innovative, sustainable and environmental solutions. The concept aims to help local communities.

The designers believe that water resources should not be a luxury. Therefore, they designed the resort with Air to Water technology. Each multi-modular living lodge has its own technology to produce water from humidity and optimized dehumidification techniques to extract and condense moisture in the air to produce drinking water. The multi-modular lodges have curtain glass covered by transparent solar panels to produce the necessary energy.

The exterior structure of the lodges is made with local wooden materials, the 40 structural pillars to support the floors and also to house the transparency glass or light-weight material in between.

Images: MASK Architects