New Skoda Vision RS’s interior sports vegan materials

Presented at the Paris Motor Show 2018, the interior of Skoda’s new sporty RS models sport sustainably produced vegan materials: Piñatex, Alcantara and recycled polyester.

The upper parts of the seats are made from 100 per cent recycled polyester threads, while the rest of the seat is made from Alcantara, a microfibre material with a look and feel of suede that consists of polyester and polyurethane. The floor mats use Piñatex textile, a leather-like material made from waste pineapple leaves. The process extracts the fibres from the leaves, which are then turned into a non-woven fabric.

Not only the interior uses sustainable materials: organic components in the white sparkling paint reflect heat, reducing the interior temperature.

The Skoda Vision RS models are plug-in hybrid cars, and the company claims that the cars can cover distances up to 70 km on battery power alone.

Photos: Skoda