Smart environments: the movie

Ever wondered how to build an interactive smart façade that regulates daylight?

Or what roads will look like in the future? These were some of the themes at Material Xperience. In case you missed it, here’s a special movie with absolute highlights for you.

The key topic at Material Xperience this year was ‘The Smart Environment’. We had the chance to share some really exciting projects and materials, from bi-metal construction to self-grown bio-composites.

Smart interactive materials can react in truly amazing ways. Some change shape and others generate energy. But how do they work? What are the secrets of applying smart materials to architecture and design?

The best way to show this is by letting the experts explain. We’ve put together a movie for you that features some of the smartest design innovations. There are self-regulating façades, an anti-smog system for Beijing, the ‘smart highway’, and more. Enjoy our Smart Movies compilation now!