A smart pocket to protect you from radiation

The fashion company Garcia collaborated with RadyGo to develop denim clothing with a smart pocket that protects your hardware from radiation from your smartphone.

Smartphones are such an integrated part of life that it’s hard to imagine life without it. Research is starting to show, however, that mobile communication systems may not be as safe as they seem, especially the radiation from these devices. It is possible that it affects DNA material and fertility.

RadyGo is a company that looks for everyday solutions to reduce radiation exposure from mobile radiation emitting devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The smart pocket in the Garcia x RayGo collection is made of silver coated polyamide yarn, as metal stops radiation. By combining this yarn with cotton, the material remains soft like ordinary jeans pockets. Tests by TNO indicate that the smart pocket reduces the amount of radiation on the body with 99.9 per cent. Even if you have your phone in your pocket, you will have full reception to stay connected.

The clothing line consists of various jeans, shorts and chinos for men, jeans for boys and a denim trucker jacket for women, each with a smart pocket. The collection has consciously been developed this way, as men are more likely to wear their phone in their pant pocket, while women would rather put them in their jacket pocket (something that also has to do with the difference in size in women’s and men’s pant pockets). Later, there will also be a girls’ jacket added to the collection.

Photos: Garcia