The Smart Umbrella That Predicts The Rain

Oombrella is an smart umbrella that sends you an alert when it is about to rain. And truly ‘unforgettable’ by design, it even sends you a notification if you leave it behind.

The ‘brain’ behind this smart umbrella is a capsule integrated into the injection moulded plastic handle. Like a miniature weather station, the sensors are able to measure temperature, pressure, humidity and light. The collection of sensors communicate with your smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This data is used to create notifications such as ‘Take me with you. It will rain in 15 minutes’ and ‘Don’t forget about me’ if you wander too far away. The service is based on their existing platform, wezzoo – a social and real-time weather service. Each Oombrella collects data and shares it with the community to make hyperlocal weather data more accurate.

Designed with materials in mind, the team developed an exclusive shiny material for its canopy that changes with the light. This material is also quiet under rain and hail, UV resistant and windproof. Adding strength, Oombrella’s ribs are made of kevlar, preventing it from annoying turning inside out in the wind

Oombrella is currently on kickstarter and you can find out more about its story and campaign here.