Sneakers made from animal blood

Nat-2 designer Sebastian Thies and Eindhoven-based designer Shahar Livne joined forces to create the world’s first sneakers made from real blood.

In most slaughter houses, blood is seen as a waste material. Some is reused as colourant for meat, but most is flushed down the drain. Inspired by this process, Livne used other waste materials from Dutch slaughterhouses, fat and bones, to develop a leather-like material. She used the leftover blood as a colourant and plasticiser.

The project, called Meat Factory, aims to create dissonance between attractiveness and disgust, as well as find a new use for the wasteful and cynical treatment of animals and natural resources by using the entire animal.

In collaboration with Nat-2, sneakers of the blood material were developed. Only the sides are made of the blood leather. The rest of the sneaker consist of fine nappa leather, glass, real cork for the insole and rubber for the outer soles. The shoes are made by hand in Italy.

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Photos: Nat-2