Socks with crab’s pincer fibre are designed for diabetics

The company Spring Revolution 2.0, a brand of Primavera International, developed socks especially for active diabetics using Crabyon, a fibre made from crab’s pincers.

The Crabyon fibre was developed by Japanese company Omikenshi. The biodegradable fibre is made from a blend of viscose and chitosan, with properties similar to those of rayon. Chitosan is a product derived from chitin, a polymer found in the exoskeletons of animals like crabs, shrimp, and insects. The material is abundantly available as a waste product of the fishing industry.

Chitin is scientifically proven to be biocompatible and is used in the medical, health and pharmacological fields. In addition, the material is anti-bacterial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and therefore anti-smell.

The Crabyon fibre is soft, with a ration of chitosan varying between 1 and 99 per cent, depending on the requirement of fibre.

The Crabyon socks by Spring Revolution 2.0 are designed especially for diabetic people who want to stay active. The socks are soft and comfortable, preventing blisters and excoriations, which are the worst enemy of the diabetic foot. Chitosan’s antibacterial properties are, for course, a very desirable attribute in socks, so that they remain fresh and non-smelling. This property is inherent to the material and therefore is does not disappear during washing.

Photos: Primavera International / MaterialDistrict