Protect your feet with socks made from ‘the world’s strongest fibre’

Swiss company Barefoot Company developed outdoor socks that protect your feet from cuts and abrasions. The socks are made from Dyneema by DSM, said to be the world’s strongest fibre.

The socks are meant for outdoor sports that you’d preferably do barefoot and for which shoes are too restrictive, from martial arts to beach volleyball, including water sports like surfing. The knitted socks protect your feet from sharp objects so you can keep going.

The socks are made from 46.5 per cent Dyneema, an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) fibre engineered to overcome abrasion, bending fatigue, compression and creep fatigue. The material is 15 times as strong as steel, but very lightweight. It’s hydrophobic, and has high thermal conductivity, cooling your sweaty feet. Additionally, according to Barefoot Company, the material is supple and soft, making for very comfortable socks.

The socks, which, thanks to the separate toes, fit like a glove, have grip dots at the sole, to prevent you from losing your grip, and the elastic seam keeps the socks tightly on your feet. The socks are unisex and cost €69 ($80) per pair.

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Photos: Barefoot Company