SpaceLife: jackets designed for space

Ever wanted to own a space suit, ready to explore the unknown, or in case of an alien attack? Dutch luxury brand SpaceLife designed jackets that look like (though not replicate) classic spacesuits worn by astronauts who ventured into outer space, which will be on display at Material Xperience 2018 (click here for a free ticket)!

SpaceLife currently offers 3 types of jackets, the Orbitline, the Terraline and the Marsline. Of course, the jackets are not suitable to actually travel into space, but you certainly look the part. Not just that, the used materials are impressive as well.

The Orbitline is made from nanomembrane materials and has a built in heat system.

The exterior of the Terraline and Marsline jackets is made from trilobal fibre, designed to be both waterproof and light reflecting. The interior is made from neoprene, providing durability and flexibility. The jacket is provided with a topside coating containing thousands of tiny glass beads that refract light.

The Terraline and Marsline jackets have some technical features as well. The hood includes built-in speakers, controllable via Bluetooth or via the integrated remote on your sleeve, which also allows you to effortlessly control your phone.

The jacket comes with a special SpaceLife ambassadors’ kit, containing various space-inspired accessories.

Material Xperience
Want to see the jacket in real life? Visit the Fashion Pavilion at Material Xperience! The trade fair takes place from 13-15 March 2018 in Rotterdam Ahoy. For more information and a free ticket, click here.

Photos: SpaceLife