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Sportswear dyed with fungi

Dutch sustainable sportswear company Iron Roots collaborated with Fabulous Fungi and Bio-aNAlytiX van Biezen to launch a T-shirt dyed with fungi.

Nearly all fabric dyes that are used to colour clothing and sportswear are very polluting. During her graduation project, Ilse Kremer, founder of Fabulous Fungi, found that some fungi are very suitable to use for dye (see her material in our collection).

In collaboration with fungi expert Nick van Biezen of Bio-aNAlytiX van Biezen, Kremer developed several dyes that adhere well to clothing. It depends on the type of fungus on which raw material they grow best. At the moment, the fungi grow on various local residual flows.

To bring the dye to the market, Kremer and Van Biezen collaborated with Iron Roots, which sells plastic free sportswear. The first fungi dyed T-shirt is a coral coloured one called FabFun01 – Clean Coral, which is currently available in via the site of Iron Roots.

Photos: Iron Roots