Coming from Sweden’s multi-cultural design collective outofstock, in collaboration with Bolia, STAMP is a materially inspired pendant lamp that plays with geometry and a combination of soft and hard materials.

The body of the STAMP pendant is made form two symmetric pieces of compressed industrial felt that, when sandwiched together, create a cone where the two discs meet. A white blown glass diffuser sits between the two pieces of felt, completing the outside edge of a circle when it is viewed from a from angle.

Sebastian Alberdi of outofstock explains to Materia that  ‘When we started working on this new design, we liked the idea of playing both with the archetypical shape of a lampshade and at the same time with the challenge of merging two basic geometric shapes as the circle and triangle in harmony into one single volume.’

After exploring many configurations and the possibilities of moulding natural felt into a designed object, the resulting object strikes a balance between aesthetic and functionality, with a strong distinctive character.
This pendant is available for now in a Melange Grey industrial felt, but based on success so far, they hope to expand using other colours of natural felt.
Designing with felt is certainly a current trend. You can explore more about felt and its use in design in our collection here.