“Starry Sea” by designer Alexandre Chapelin

Do you ever lie in the grass at night, staring up at the starry sky? Or do you prefer the tranquillity of the ocean to dream? La Table combines the best of both worlds with their table from the series “Starry Sea”, designed by Alexandre Chapelin.

Chapelin is the mind behind the concept La Table, which consists of (coffee) tables made from stone, wood and recycled materials, embedded into a resin.

The Starry Sea series, of which number 5 was just released, are tables made from a piece of marble and blue resin, which remind of a bird’s eye view of the ocean. Additionally, the table contains LED lights that can be controlled by a remote or an app on your phone to create a starry night sky. The table charges in six hours and gives you up to 300 hours of illumination.

The marble comes from Anguilla, a neighbouring island of St-Martin/St Maarten, which is the birthplace of the La Table brand. Because all the blocks of marble are uniquely shaped, no table is the same. Different formulas of the resin give different kinds of blue, mimicking the colours of the Caribbean Sea. Chapelin has used the concept of pieces of marble combined with blue resin also in his Lagoon series.

Photos: La Table