Sustainable dance floor

A product that captures the energy produced by people and turns it into electricity.Through movement every person produces energy, and depending on people’s weight and activity it will be 5-20 Watt.

The Sustainable Dance Floor™ is the first dance floor that captures the energy of dancing. The energy produced by movement is converted into electricity that makes the dance floor react to the dancer in an interactive way. The floor provides a unique visual experience on every energy level, from ‘loading’ and ‘average’, to the maximum level of the evening: ‘ultimate high‘! All visuals are a continuous real-time interaction between the clubbers on the floor, allowing every individual’s actions to contribute to the collective experience. Making the clubbers aware of their own energy, their interaction and their impact on the ‘environment’ is the goal of the Sustainable Dance Club™.

The modular construction makes it possible to provide the floor in different sizes, with a minimum of 9 tiles and a maximum of 68 tiles. A tile (65 cm x 65 cm) can be rented since €60,00 exclusive transport and personnel. The company can also arrange presentations which supports the working of the dance floor.

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