Swimming trunks made of merino wool

In an attempt to counter the pollution of plastic microfibres in bodies of water, surfwear brand Outerknown introduces swimming trunks made of merino wool.

Swimwear is commonly made of petroleum-based materials like polyester, spandex or nylon. Each time you go swimming, your bathing suit sheds plastic microfibres, tiny pieces of plastic that are often mistaken for food by sea creatures and are consumed by us. Even if recycled materials are used to make the swimwear, they still end up polluting bodies of water.

Wool as a material for bathing suits is not new. In fact, it was the most commonly used material for this type of clothing in the 19th and early 20th century. Of course, Outerknown’s ‘Woolaroo’ trunks are a little more advanced than the often hand-knitted swimwear of nearly 100 years ago. By stretching and spinning the wool fibres, the fabric becomes water-resistant and quick-drying, even more than wool’s natural properties.

Outerknown uses Australian merino wool. Wool fabric also sheds fibres, but these are biodegradable and therefore not harmful to the environment.

Photos: Outerknown