Tableware made of Murano glass and metal waste

Architecture and design studio T SAKHI designed a tableware collection made of Venetian Murano glass infused with steel waste threads to create uncontrolled shapes.

The collection, called Tasting Threads, consists of long and short glasses, shot glasses, plates and bowls. According to the studio, the tableware “highlights the strong duality of two Mediterranean cultures; handcrafted pieces with the historical richness and expertise of mouth-blown Murano by local craftsmen in Venice and traditional Lebanese shapes of tableware reinterpreted into a modern use.” The infused steel waste threads add to the rich texture.

Tasting Threads is not the only project in which T SAKHI, consisting of the Polish-Lebanese sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi, use recycled materials. Called Following the Tide, this project uses recycled fragments of marble, recuperated brass powder and resin to make coffee tables. The design of the surfaces is inspired by the lagoons and cenotes in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico and how the movement of the tide and the changes of the topography reveal different materials shaping the intersections between earth and water.

Photos: Romain Bassenne / Tessa Sakhi / Tommaso Cazzaro