The future of jewellery

UK-based creative technology studio Square Circle reimagined a traditional bracelet, turning it into a digital companion.

Smart watches are already mainstream, but those generally have a small screen and function more like an addition to your smart phone rather than a replacement.

The Digital Bangle Assistant is a bracelet of which the entire surface functions as an interface. When not actively used, the bracelet could show a downloadable jewellery-like design that matches your outfit, but it can also display messages and receive notifications. The design therefore combines the aesthetics of jewellery with the functionality of a smart phone.

The Bangle has a seamless connection between each side of the flexible OLED screen, which would allow information, interaction and design to flow around the entire device, like a bracelet would move around your wrist.

The bangle comes in two sizes, S/M for wrists of 130-200 mm, and M/L that fits wrist of 160-210 mm. To make the bracelet fit perfectly, you can add a crescent-shaped magnetic spacer, which is available in three sizes.

Like a smart watch, the interactive jewellery can help you keep your health goals, but also receive and send notifications and messages.

The Bangle allows information to be displayed around the entire circumference. You can drag information around the surface or simply flip your wrist to display information in landscape format.

The Bangle sounds very futuristic, and that is because it is. It appears the bracelet is only conceptual, and while it has received enthusiastic comments on the Behance page that describes the project, it is unclear if we’ll see it become a reality in the foreseeable future.

Images: Square Circle