The world’s first 3D printed rocket to reach space

US-based company Relativity Space developed the first nearly entirely 3D printed rocket to fly.

Called Terran 1, the rocket became the first methane fueled rocket in the West to reach space, as well as the first nearly entirely 3D printed rocket to fly on 22 March this year after two failed attempts. The rocket is two-stage, 33 metre tall (110 ft), and 2 metres wide (7.5 ft). It is the largest 3D printed object to currently exist and to attempt orbital flight.

The Terran 1 is 85% 3D printed by mass. The aim is to create rockets that are up to 95% 3D printed in the future. The primary structures of the Terran 1 are printed with a proprietary metal aluminium alloy developed by Relativity. It has nine 3D printed Aeon 1 engines on the first stage and one 3D printed Aeon Vacuum engine on the second stage.

Though the liftoff was successful and the first stage completed all of its mission goals, the second stage failed to fire and fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Photos: Relatively Space