Today’s materials for tomorrow’s urban & landscapes!

Pavement tiles from recycled household waste, extruded aluminium façade panels, deck material made from natural cork… During MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019 (12-14 March in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands) the urban and landscape designer will fancy themselves in the future! Click here for a free ticket.

With an extensive speaker programme, put together along with ambassador Cees Donkers (formerly city architect of Eindhoven, the Netherlands), a large collection of materials from the independent MaterialDistrict collection and fascinating exhibition pieces, MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is once again a source of inspiration!

Which trends do we see in the sector Urban & Landscapes?
The public environment is changing constantly. Buildings, traffic, people, vehicles, communication, green, recreation; the public environment belongs to us all and is ever in motion. What does that mean for materialisation?

Rather than the place itself, the experience of the space is now in the centre of the attention. Because of online shops, the direct retail business is disappearing from the urban landscape and is replaced by experiences. How can places relate to people and have their own identity, with activities to make sure those people keep coming back? Aside from that, more space is allocated for nature, not only in flowerbeds, but also in combination with street furniture. Nature is pulled into the cities with urban farming, bee hotels and green façades.

Transport is changing; shared bicycles and shared cars are on the rise; car-free city centres and electric driving have consequences for how we design and allocate our public space. Energy is produced sustainably and locally, and problems with rising water levels as a result of paving our streets are countered with green roofing and materials that absorb water or with just a nicely designed gutter. Urban mining makes sure that all the old materials are repurposed. The city of tomorrow is sustainable, safe for traffic, and green.

For an interview with ambassador Cees Donkers, click here.

Materials from the independent MaterialDistrict collection
During this three-day event, MaterialDistrict will show the newest materials from its independent collection, which were scouted during the past year. A small selection of materials:

Metal waste tiles (CER233) from the project Ignorance is Bliss are coloured using pigment derived from industrial metal waste. Sustainable paving tile (CON174is made with the bottom ash left over after incinerating household waste. Extruded aluminium panels (MET330) are corrugated façade panels. Weave concrete tiles (CON167) give an effect of 3D weaving on the walls when paired together. Seacork (ONA405) is composed of natural cork, with a little polyurethane, and used mainly as deck material.

Large exhibition pieces
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is for 140 exhibitors the annual platform to present their material innovations with their own presentation at the trade fair floor. Aside from the presentations by exhibitors and the independent material exhibition, several large exhibition pieces – often never shown to the public before – will be exhibited during the trade fair, showing the visitor a glimpse of the future. What can you expect?

Bamboo Street sign
In cooperation with bamboo supplier MOSO, HR Group developed street signs made from bamboo. They used MOSO’s dense bamboo material Bamboo N-finity for this, a solid bamboo material that is impregnated for outdoor use. The signs are a sustainable alternative to aluminium signs.

Living Pavement
Living Pavement is an open tile system that offers space for spontaneous growth of vegetation in public places. It connects modern day issues like flooding, the heat-island-effect, particulate matter and the growing need of contact with nature in city folk.

Rain(a)Way products make every project unique by highlighting the beauty of rain and help reduce the negative effects of climate change in urban areas. The patterns of the Rain(a)Way Wave-tiles form many different designs and create opportunities to incorporate green into every location. The half-open Rain(a)Way Flood Bold-tile has a unique shape, can infiltrate rainwater and makes space for green.

Lecture programme Urban & Landscapes
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is known for its high-profile lecture programme, which includes renowned (inter)national architects, scientists, designers and other experts. After last year’s success, there will be once more two simultaneous theatre programmes this year, providing a line-up of 60 speakers who will share their knowledge and experience with the audience.

Wednesday afternoon 13 March the lecture programme ‘Urban & Landscapes’ takes place in the MaterialDistrict theatre. Speakers are ambassador Cees Donkers (former city architect of Eindhoven), Eduard Böhtlingk (Mobility), Anouk van der Poll (Waterambassade), and Ton Kooymans (Kooymans Design). (For the full lecture programme, click here.)

Visit us
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019 takes place from Tuesday 12 March until Thursday 14 March, in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands. For more information and a free ticket, click here.