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Unstainable: Please Spill Coffee On This Material

Thanks to the latest in nanotech coating technology, the most elegant white surface or shirt can stay that way. This so-called ‘Unstainable White Shirt’ by Elizabeth & Clarke works by disrupting the hydrogen bond that binds water molecules to a material’s surface. In order for water molecules to retain their structural integrity, they have to push away hard from a material’s surface, offering waterproofing at the molecular level, along with a visual ‘scattering’ effect that is pretty impressive to human eye. ‘Using a proprietary garment finish that works at the molecular level, the finish zeros in on fabric fibers using tiny ‘whiskers’ that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand,’ Elizabeth & Clarke co-founder Melanie Moore explains.

Despite the impressive stain and water resistance of many superhydropbic materials, a challenge so far has been to replicate these effects on super delicate materials like silk, while maintaining the inherent breathability – and soft, wearability – of these material. “The innovation here is the ability to use this finish on delicate fabrics like silk and cotton while still maintaining an incredibly soft hand feel,” says Moore.

And for those that like to keep things super clean and tidy, ironing these fabrics will only reinforce their hydrophobic properties. Apparently, ironing helps reinfoce the hydrophobic properties.

Find out more about these fascinating fabrics and their Kickstarter campaign here.