Vegan sneakers made from cannabis leaves

German high-end sneaker brand Nat-2 presents vegan sneakers made with real cannabis leaves.

After shoes made from stone, mycelium, milk, coffee, blood, and other remarkable materials, Nat-2 now used cannabis leaves for their sneakers. The leaves come from sustainably grown industrial hemp plants, containing no THC, so it’s no use smoking them. The leaves vary in size and are applied to an eco-flax layer. The material covers up to 50% of the shoes’ surface.

“The delicate structure gives a feeling of nature while the total look of the sneakers is an homage to festivals and freedom,” Nat-2 comments on their website. “The intention of using cannabis leaves is to show alternatives to animal ingredients and the wide range of possibilities in the use of hemp plants.”

The material is developed in Germany and Austria, while the sneakers are handmade in Italy. The sneakers are all vegan, with an anti-bacterial cork insole, natural rubber outer sole, recycled PET leather, and bonded with animal-free glue.

Photos: Nat-2