Pavilion Made of WasteBasedBricks Encourages Storytellers

Located in Amsterdam’s temporary campus FabCity, the TrueTalker is a cone-shaped pavilion housing a campfire for meeting and gathering around. It was designed by Studioninedots and constructed using StoneCycling’s innovative and circular WasteBasedBrick. These bricks are made from pulverized materials collected from demolished buildings.

Solid yet also transparent, the pavilion consists of one wall that twists around itself. This wall has an open brick pattern that creates in intriguing play between light and volume. Inside there is a campfire, which appears like a beacon, inviting people to come inside.

The timing of this pavilion’s construction is political. This spring, Amsterdam is host to the European Union. During this period, the city plays host to politicians discussing and deciding upon Europe’s future under the glare of bright artificial lights and in the face of cameras with microphones recording every world.

The TrueTalker by contrast stands nearby on the campus FabC by offering a a shelter with a campfire and alternative place for discussion and brainstorming about the future. A good campfire to tell stories, relax and  share ideas like those that drove the creation of WasteBasedBricks for a brighter, more sustainable future.

You can explore detailed information about WasteBasedBricks and StoneCycling in our materials library here.

Photos: Peter Cuypers