A watch made of ocean plastic

In collaboration with #tide ocean, a company that recycles ocean plastic, Swedish watch brand TRIWA launches a range of watches made of ocean plastic today.

Called Time for Oceans, the campaign follows TRIWA’s earlier project, which saw watches made of deconstructed firearms (read more about this project here). The new campaign aims to raise awareness for the ocean’s critical health.

Both the case and the strap of the watch are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. The waste is transformed into granulate using solar energy and is then remoulded in the shape of a watch. The watch comes in 4 different colours with ocean-inspired names, like Seaweed and Coral. The design is also inspired by the ocean, like the 3D moulded dial that is reminiscent of waves, and bouy inspired hands. The watch is 10 ATM water-resistant.

The collection is launched today on TRIWA’s website.

Photos: TRIWA