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Waterproof boots made from upcycled coffee grounds

Japanese footwear brand Ccilu developed what they claim is the first all-season rainboot made from upcycled coffee grounds.

With 25 billion kilograms of coffee waste produced every year, coffee grounds are a major source of greenhouse gases when landfilled.

Called the XpreSole Panto, Cciclu’s boots are all-season, and meant to be used for hiking as well as daily use. Each pair uses about 15 cups worth of coffee grounds. The outer components are water and dirt proof, while the liner is moisture wicking, fast-drying and odour-resistant.

The insole is made of coffee yarn and Ortholite foam. The lining is made from coffee infused fabric with neoprene and Lycra. The lace is made of rPET. The shell and the outsole are both made of 30% waste coffee grounds and 70% eco EVA, while the outer sole also includes rubber pads for extra grip.

Hiking boots are usually quite heavy, but the coffee boots weigh merely 230 grams, 1/3 the weight of traditional boots. They can also be machine washed for over a 100 times.

The boots can be preordered via Crowdox.

Images: Ccilu